Tabletop Vacuum Sealer

Tabletop vacuum sealer efficiently eliminates air from bags before sealing, making it suitable for tasks with lower volumes. The quiet venturi vacuum system and low-pressure jaw safety mechanism enhance user safety by preventing high-pressure cycling upon detecting obstructions.

Automatic Sealing with Integrity

This versatile air removal sealer requires users to specify precise parameter combinations for impeccable seals. It is designed for various packaging operations and used in households, small businesses, and commercial settings. With a sealing chamber and integrated cutter for bag customisation, the machine applies heat and pressure to create a secure seal.

The vacuuming process extends shelf life by reducing oxygen levels, slowing the growth of microorganisms. After air extraction, the vacuum sealer automatically seals the bag, safeguarding the vacuum seal’s integrity. The machine’s independent timers and footswitch facilitate user control, enabling use beyond food packaging for documents, clothing, and moisture-sensitive items.

  • Efficient air elimination
  • Quiet venturi vacuum system
  • Low-pressure jaw safety mechanism
  • Precise parameter customization
  • Versatile packaging applications
  • Integrated bag cutter
  • Microorganism-slowing vacuuming
  • Automatic airtight sealing
  • User-controlled timers
  • Multi-purpose footswitch
  • Extended shelf life
  • Moisture and oxygen reduction
  • Compact design for lower volumes

Tabletop Vacuum Sealer Brochure: Download