Pneumatic Impulse Sealer

Pneumatic impulse sealers are versatile packaging machines that can adapt to various requirements. It offers configurations like a venturi vacuum system, multiple vacuum cycles, gas flush cycles, a bag stretcher, a vacuum level sensor, and a temperature controller.

Secure Package Sealing 

Operating the impulse sealer is simple: place the open bag between the sealing jaws. When closed, pressure activates the heating element. Intense heat melts the plastic during the impulse, creating a seal as the material’s thermoplastic properties fuse.

After the impulse, the heating element deactivates, allowing the seal to cool and solidify, ensuring a secure closure. An optional bag stretcher with two fingers can expand bag edges before sealing, ensuring a firm, wrinkle-free seal. A stainless steel work shelf and bag support can also be added for easier bag positioning during sealing.

Adjustable Precision Sealing

The heavy-duty pneumatic impulse sealer seals flexible plastic packages like poly bags and stand-up pouches. With two heated seal jaws creating a 5/16″ wide seal, it’s ideal for thicker poly bags and films.  The seal head adjusts horizontally for different packaging line setups, accommodating bags up to 36” wide. The twin version suits longer seal lengths (36″ – 54″), with two seal head castings for ample pressure.

  • Adaptable to diverse packaging needs
  • Perfect for thick poly bags and films
  • Accommodates various packaging setups
  • Ensures ample pressure for long bags
  • Simple sealing process for secure packaging
  • Achieve wrinkle-free, firm seals
  • Simplifies bag positioning during sealing
  • Seal Length: 2″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 36″ – 54″ with twin head
  • Seal Width: 5/16″ in the top and bottom seal jaws
  • Sealing System: Thermal impulse
  • Vacuum System: 1/4 HP electric pump
  • Activation: Footswitch
  • Air Requirement (min): 100 psi
  • Electrical Requirement: 120V
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 26″ – 39″ x 32″ x 58″
  • Warranty: 3 years limited

Industrial Vacuum Sealer Brochure: Download