Polyester Composite Strap

Polyester Composite Strap is an industrial-grade strapping material designed for robust load securing. This composite strap is made from high-strength polyester fibres and offers exceptional tensile strength and durability.

Durable Cargo Security Solutions

This composite strap has a sturdy plastic coating encasing high-tenacity yarns. The core, made of untwisted polyester yarns, ensures strength and minimal elongation. Its resistance to chemical solvents, acids, and caustics is due to the bond between the polypropylene coating and polyester fibres.

With abrasion resistance, it’s suitable for securing items with rugged surfaces and edges. Our tensioners and wire buckles ensure a safe application process with minimal force. We recommend using our nitrated wire buckles with all our composite straps for optimal results.

  • Sharp-edge protection
  • Chemical-resistant
  • High strength
  • Minimal elongation
  • Colour variety
  • Customisable
  • Abrasion protection
  • Safe application
  • Flexible
  • Non-splitting

Composite Strapping Light

  • 16 mm, 528 daN
  • 19 mm, 689 daN

Composite Strapping Medium

  • 13 mm, 551 daN
  • 16 mm, 731 daN
  • 16 mm, 927 daN
  • 16 mm, 837 daN
  • 19 mm, 1136 daN
  • 19 mm , 1412 daN

Composite Strapping Heavy

  • 25mm, 1381 daN
  • 25mm, 1592 daN
  • 32mm, 2441 daN
  • 32mm, 2463 daN

Polyester Composite Straps Product Brochure: Download