Reefer Locks

Our reefer lock secures cargo onto the container floor without a lashing point. Designed to fit a range of refrigerated containers and trailers, the locks provide versatile protection across different equipment types

Stable Cargo Transport

Crafted from robust steel, this L-shaped apparatus easily attaches to the ventilation slots on the container’s floor, ensuring cargo remains stable during transportation and preventing damage due to load shifting.

This user-friendly design enhances operational productivity, saving time and effort for logistics professionals across various industries. Moreover, it utilises ventilation slots to maximise space, optimising efficiency and reducing the risk of cargo movement.

Cargo Stability Without Load Shifting

The installation process is straightforward without the need for any special equipment. To set it up, align the lock with the ventilation slots, engage its mechanism, and tighten it securely. Built to withstand harsh conditions, the locks ensure cargo security throughout transportation. The container lock is suitable for heavy or large products, offering added packaging security.

  • Safely holds cargo in place during transportation
  • Quick setup without specialised tools
  • Attaches to container floor’s ventilation slots
  • Robust construction for long-lasting use
  • Prevents damage from cargo shifting
  • Utilizes ventilation slots efficiently
  • Ideal for heavy or large products
  • Enhances reefer container protection
  • Designed for hassle-free operation
  • Saves time for industry professionals