Standard Inflation Tool

Our standard inflation tool is an air-filling device designed for inflating PP woven dunnage airbags and paper dunnage airbags using compressed air. It is specially created to allow easy attachment of the valve adaptor to the airbag’s valve, with the handle helping to secure the bag.

The standard inflation tool offers two valve adaptors: a flexible rubber tube (40cm) and a fixed steel pipe (20cm). Using the air gun, it can connect to any standard air pressure system. Additionally, an optional manometer can measure the precise filling pressure.

  • Classic tool for inflating dunnage airbags
  • Easily attaches valve adaptor for secure inflation
  • Two valve adaptor options: flexible rubber tube (40cm) and fixed steel pipe (20cm)
  • Connects to standard air pressure systems
  • Optional manometer for precise pressure measurement

Standard Inflation Tool Product Brochure: Download